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Alami Media Co.,Ltd

          “ The Alami ”  is a combination of media experience, and it is officially registered in late 2010. The main gold is to run the business, television production and produce news and publication as well as a consultant in term of public relation for businessman accessing the target easily and clearly.

          Nowadays, Alami media Company has a web page online under the name “ Alami News” and you can access to this website www.thealami.com. And  Digital Madia Web TV.YouTube : Alami Channel

            Moreover, the company also has a monthly magazine called “ The alami Magazine ” by focusing on news with various themes, such as economy, politics, social security, documentaries and variety. It also shows bout trade perspectives and business investments in the Asian region and those investments link to the Muslim world

           And take experience from managers who work in the media for more than 20 years and those are professional teams for publishing news. Finally,

          We have been recognized by the group as a professional one for a Muslim media.

Alami Magazine :   Monthly magazine

        •  Book size  8.25 X11.50 inches

         • Number of Pages  44 Color Pages Color  36 Pages / White black 8 Pages         .         

         •  Volumes  10,000 print